Sarah Tetey Lancelle Seitchik

Sarah began her Real Estate career at 17 while house hunting in San Francisco with her parents.  As her family was upstairs checking out the bedrooms, Sarah opted to write the sellers a love letter for the home.  Thanks to Sarah’s intuitive Real Estate instincts, her parents won out over 5 bids for the property.   Sarah became the unofficial Real Estate captain of her family both stateside and abroad.

For years afterwards, Sarah was diverted from her Real Estate career due to endeavors such as graduating from the University of California at Santa Cruz, living and working in Cuba, getting married, and her love of art, education and philanthropy.

Sarah found her way back to her future as Real Estate extraordinaire, when she was picked up by Michael Friedenberg, one of Sonoma County’s top RE Brokers and arguably one of the best in the county.  During her tenure with Michael, she honed her natural instincts into solid business acumen. While her experience and wise mentorship by Michael led her to manage vacation, land, investment and vineyard deals, Sarah loves guiding first time buyers through the roller coaster ride of purchasing property. Her work has taken Sarah all over the county, making Sarah a resource for those looking for both in town and country properties.

Sarah serves as the executive producer of your Real Estate experience.

She expertly brings together all the components of every deal from:

  • Translating the vision of the property you wish to buy into a brick and mortar address
  • Successfully negotiating on your behalf while managing every detail of the transaction process
  • Not wasting time- knowing when a property is a proper fit
  • Providing constant open communication throughout transaction
  • To finally celebrating a successful close

While Sarah has her finger on the pulse of the process, she eases you through with humor, grace and great diplomacy

Sarah lives in Petaluma with her husband and 2 beautiful children.  Her favorite past times include, cooking and hosting parties (included but not limited to clients’ housewarming parties), learning how to garden (not always successfully), Instagram photography, Doula/ labor and delivery support, playing tennis and finding and serving up as much fun as possible in a day.

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